Plasma Rifle icon question

I just started playing so I am a bit confused. One the Plasma Rifle Card. At the Bottom is target symbol with a down arrow and armor reduction. What does the Target symbol mean. I looked int he roll book appendix and it said to look on page 46. I did not see the target icon talked about. We assumed it meant the targets physical or Energy armor is reduced. Is this correct?


All the symbols combined should be read as “use whichever armor value is lower’”. I’ve read that on Facebook and assume it will be added to the FAQ soon :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right. The target icon is on page 47 in the side bar (so the index entry for it is incorrect). The icon itself should be a bit lower down in the side bar on p.47 so it is clear the text below it describes it. The target icon means the effect only affects the target. On the Plasma Rifle card, it’s actually additional info that’s not needed (as the Plasma Rifle can only hit one target). That icon is mainly used on area effect weapons where there is an extra effect on the target itself but not on anything else caught in the area effect).

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: The Facebook post I was referring to is this one, where the interpretation I posted here has not been corrected yet:

Yeah I had to puzzle it out too wasn’t ultra clear.

But working against the weakest armour is a nice effect.