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Clarification please

It’s not clicking in my brain here but the perk weak point ( and I’m sure there’s others) Is not making sense to me. What exactly does “(rifle)1(black die) treated as (Black die armour break)” mean? Bandit and Infantry archetype cards have this. image

Currently feeling as intelligent as a super mutant suicider hacking into a can of Cram.

That means one blank result is treated as an Armor Reduction. There are weapons and mods that read the same.

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I figured that would be it but does that mean that as no matter what the roll is as long as it’s not a blank roll It’s an armour break?

When you say blank you mean black, right?

You know what, it just clicked in for me now. Wow (disappointed in self). Thank you for clarifying that for me.

Don’t beat yourself up Remus, deciphering the symbols they use can be a headache, even with the Rosetta Stone (aka the summary at the back of the book) and a degree in codebreaking… I know they wanted to make it language independent and color blind friendly as possible for ease in a multinational market, but it’s also been a major sticking point for a lot of gamers.

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