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I don’t understand “Quantity Found” in Ammunition Availability and Rarity. What do the numbers mean?

Under quantity found it might say 10+5(die icon). What does this mean? Does this mean I found 10 ammo that do 5 damage each? I know this is gonna be a big DUH but still I would appreciate some help. TIA.

I think I understand. You get, in the case of my example, 10+ your roll five dice and get that many more based on the results. In other words how much damage you did is how much extra ammo you would get. Please verify that I’m right. I know this is goofy but I just wanna make sure. Be gentle LOL

it means to use the Combat dice to calculate the addtional ammount, with the Combat dice essentially having 4 values (0, 1, 2, 1) [I personally count the “1+ status effect” face, as a “1”]

So for 10+5CD you essentially have the cance to roll between 0-10 addtional ammo

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