Ammo in A!C 2d20

I’ve got two questions regarding Ammo:

1.) Is there one pool of Ammo per player or one pool of Ammo per player per weapon? I’d tend to the latter, yet, RAW seem a bit ambiguous. Maybe intentionally so this is a topic of discussion for session 0?

2.) Do I need at least 1 point of Ammo to be able to fire normally with said (or all) weapons? Or, rephrased: Do I need Ammo exclusively for special attacks or does it also enable me to fire regular attacks? Or, rephrased for a second time: Does it take a Complication to prohibit me from firing a weapon or is it sufficient to spend all of my Ammo resources?
Again, I tend to see Ammo as a resource exclusively for special attacks, but, again, RAW are (at least to me) a bit ambiguous.


Re: 2.) I just stumbled over p. 139 of the Gamemaster’s Guide where my second question is answered. :blush: