Ammo in A!C 2d20

I’ve got two questions regarding Ammo:

1.) Is there one pool of Ammo per player or one pool of Ammo per player per weapon? I’d tend to the latter, yet, RAW seem a bit ambiguous. Maybe intentionally so this is a topic of discussion for session 0?

2.) Do I need at least 1 point of Ammo to be able to fire normally with said (or all) weapons? Or, rephrased: Do I need Ammo exclusively for special attacks or does it also enable me to fire regular attacks? Or, rephrased for a second time: Does it take a Complication to prohibit me from firing a weapon or is it sufficient to spend all of my Ammo resources?
Again, I tend to see Ammo as a resource exclusively for special attacks, but, again, RAW are (at least to me) a bit ambiguous.


Re: 2.) I just stumbled over p. 139 of the Gamemaster’s Guide where my second question is answered. :blush:

It’s more complicated than that:

  • GM guide p.139 “Ammunition attrition” boxed text seems to suggest that you can still fire with a Ammo 0 weapon until a complication happens.

  • Player’s guide p. 102 “Ammo” boxed text suggests that you can nevere fire with an Ammo 0 weapon.

There is clearly a contradiction between these two pieces.
I feel that rules on automatic/semi-automatic weapons were changed at some point and they did not track all the changes.
This is demonstrated by the unbalanced stress stats of rifles, as well as by the text of the Five Rounds rapid talent.

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Also, what’s with Ammo and NPCs? Do they have some? Do they need it?