Burst and Reloads rules question

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I’m not a backer, but I splurged on the books anyway and am eagerly awaiting the hardcover soonish! :slight_smile: I’m reading the PDF now and had a question about how Ammunition, Reloads and Burst is supposed to work:

Do I understand it correctly that I could technically buy a single reload for a special ammunition type (as long as it’s not rated Special) and I can use it so long as I don’t use the Reload action? Do the added qualities still apply to the weapon every time I fire or for every time I use the Reload action?

Since a weapon comes with a Burst rating, that means I can buy up to X special ammunition and a character can’t buy in excess of that? Because if the Reload property states that once I use up X = Burst X Reloads the weapon is spent and I need to buy more ammunition. However, from reading the rules it doesn’t mean that the weapon is spent, only the ammunition and I could use a Minor Action to load in a new ammo type.

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Hi, welcome,

1 - yes, you can continue to use the ammunition as long as you still have reloads of it.

2 - the weapon burst does not limit the amount of reloads you can have, only the amount of realoads you can use in the same test so that new d20 is added to the test.

Hey 3darkman, thanks for the help! That cleared up a lot of stuff and I only have one question left if that’s okay :slight_smile: If I buy an AP round for my gun, does that mean I get to have its benefits (Pierce 2) as long as I don’t spend a Reload? I could ideally use a Minor Action to swap magazines and then use a Standard Action to Burst if that’s necessary, but I’m guessing that’s not an ideal strategy since bursting seems more effective than having the Pierce trait a lot of the time.

yep… is exactly the way you described it :slight_smile:

Do keep in mind that the GM is free to say “alright, you’ve used this one reload for 2 weeks now without seeing a resupply, you’re out of ammo” at any time. Also, losing 1 reload is a perfect result on a Complication. So don’t expect the 1 reload to literally last forever. :slight_smile:


It’s interesting because yesterday I was narrating and I thought exactly about that, losing reload as a complication.

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Losing a reload is a standard effect for a complication on a ballistic test.
Standard complication means, the GM could force it by spending 2 Heat.
So, if you feel like this would make a situation more interesting, spend the Heat and the character’s gun is out of ammo.

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