Question about Sniper Rifles and automatic weapons

I’m prepping to start my first campaign in Infinity, and I’m going through some of the rules around gear and weapons for the players. I have a couple of questions.

One of them plays a kind of sniper, and I’m looking at the stats for the Sniper Rifle, seeing it has Burst 3. Does this mean that the Sniper Rifle is fully automatic?

For weapons with Spread, can the extra hits hit other targets standing close by, or are they all going on the same target?

Yes… but more importantly, it means that the sniper rifle may use up to 3 Reloads per attack. If you attack without spending Reloads, you’re not really going “full auto”, but rather firing individual shots carefully to conserve ammo.

All the same target - the spread isn’t wide enough to hit more than one person most of the time. Note, however, that you can use the Secondary Target momentum spend (2 Momentum, hit a second target within Reach of the first for half damage) if you want to hit more than one target (and the Through and Through Ballistics talent lets you do this for only 1 Momentum, and potentially multiple times per attack).

Also note that firing any weapon at a Fireteam means you could potentially take out multiple enemies with a single attack, and Spread weapons are pretty good at dealing a lot of damage quickly.


Wrench of Wrangling: A plain, nondescript wrench that is usable by the gadgeteer class. It deals 1d12+3 with a 16-20 crit range, and it autocrits, no confirmation needed. As a special effect, this wrench unlocks a companion for the gadgeteer, the sentry: This cute little thing comes with a rifle packed right in! It takes 3 turns to fully deploy and is immobile. It has a range 30 feet, and deals 3d4+4 on hit. It has AC: 15 and HP: 3d6+2. Deployable twice per day and requires metal on hand. Made by one of the finest gadgeteers know to mankind, this wrench somehow has odd construction abilities. Hit some spare metal, and soon you’ll have a loyal little sentry! Make sure no Frenchmen go near it.

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