Resistant to fire (hellfire armor)

You’ll need to bear with me here a bit. I’ve been meaning to bring this for quite a while here and after having to explain this several times on Reddit in the past month I figured I should finally post this.

Resistant itself only exists as a rule in the FAQ but the FAQ doesn’t explain, or show, what the icon for it is so basically the icons on cards such as Hellfire don’t have rules attached to them.

There was a question about the burning man here late last year that was the first confirmation from a Modiphius employee that resistance is in-fact the half color/half gray icon of a condition that I’m aware of (the play testers were the ones that told the Facebook group what the icon was when it first appeared in wave 4 on the Hellfire).

But there’s no post with hellfire armor that new players can search for and find that ruling and I have something to link to as a reply for questions on it. So a conformation would be great just to finally have a ruling for resistant to fire.

Hey @monkeysloth

You can consider this the place to direct players to when looking at Resistant on the Hellfire Armor, the Burning Man or anyway else for that matter.

The icon (be it On Fire, Poisoned etc) within the symbol indicates the Condition that the model is Resistant to. You can always tell a Resistant symbol apart from a normal Condition symbol as the Resistant symbol will have half of the circle coloured in a grey/green colour.

As for what Resistant does, I’m just going to use the defintion from the Burning Man post as I think it sums up all of this well;

The symbol means that character is resistant to the condition in question. This would mean at the point you would normally suffer that condition, you flip the Luck token - on the Clover Side, you don’t suffer the side effects. On the other side, you suffer the effects as normal.

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