Lightning Storm Event Card.

Can anyone tell me what the black circle with a white no. 2 means on this card please?

My best guess on how this works is; two random models on the table are selected, a special effect die is rolled for ALL models within black (measured like a grenade blast would be) of each of the selected models, each of those models COULD sustain up to two Energy damage (one for each Nuka Cola bottle rolled on the effect die for that model).
Effectively then the randomized models become the center of the localized lightning strike (but not necessarily struck themselves, it’s just a way to randomize the general area of the strikes on the table) and then you see which models in those two areas happened to have taken damage from the strike.

If that’s a black burst it’s covering a very large area! Thanks for your answer.

I’m not certain that it is correct. That is a pretty big area (about 5.5” around a 30mm base), and just under 60% chance of each model actually being hit (16% of taking two hits). Dangers of fighting in a lightning storm I guess :blush:

That is a slight typo. It should be a white-filled circle with a black number inside. It’s an icon that limits the effect of the storm’s damage on each model to a maximum of two bottles doing 1 damage each. (page 20 Rules of Play) In theory, there can’t be more than 2 bottles as that’s the most that can be rolled but it’s there just in case anything can increase that.

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Well that’s not nearly as fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks James, that makes sense now.