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Pics from UKGE of the Starter Set

Hey all. Here are some pics from UKGE of the Starter set from Facebook for those of you don’t venture over there :wink:


Jon confirmed contents currently as:
Draugr overlord.
3 x Draugr with 2 handed sword
3 x skeleton archer
3 x imperial soldier with sword and shield
Imperial mage
3 x stormcloak with two handed sword
Ysrarald thrice pierced
Female Dragon Born.

He did say that the Female Dragon Born may be in a different set but unsure for now.


Those look awesome!

I agree those look amazing, and thanks for posting those here.

They look amazing, but I would need a Dunmer Dragonborn with light armour and bow!

The models look fantastic. I am really optimistic about this starter set. One issue that I noticed on the website is that the Draugr Overlord is referred to as a Deathlord, which must be mistake and it definitely looks like an Overlord to me in both the pictures there and in this topic.