Objective and puzzle tokens VP question


I have a question regarding a strategic objective token and puzzle.

It states that you gain +2 VP when you control the strategic objective at the end of the turn. Does the strategic objective stay in play or is it removed after you receive the 2 VP at the end of the turn?

Second question: the puzzle token is also a sort of objective token. Do you also get +2 VP at the end of the round when you control it(as an unsolved puzzle), then, also roll an intelligence test to see if you get +3 VP? I did see the puzzle is removed once solved.

Third question; solving the puzzle does not require an action? Its at the event phase, so i might think it does not need a special action and it’s just a free action?

Would love to hear it, as I’m in the middle of a very nice delve over the last few days (as I only play a few actions each day due to time).

Warm regards

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I’ll have a go at assisting in lieu of an official response;

Strategic Objectives should typically remain in play and can be controlled continuously over multiple rounds. However there’s a slight bit of nebulous ruling at the minute between different versions of the updated rulebook and the quest book. The new/beta Rulebook (which is the most recent so possibly takes precedence?) states that individual scenario rules will dictate what happens with Strategic Objectives (which they actually don’t currently) and contains no mention of the 2 VP at all. (@Modiphius-Gavin one for errata?). Until that’s resolved, I would suggest either play with the 2VP rule or swap out a Strategic Objective tokens for one of the others if it’s revealed.

No; related to the above, the +2VP for controlling is specifically for Strategic Objectives (assuming that they still operate that way), Puzzle Objectives are their own thing and there’s no inherent bonus for controlling them other than the opportunity to solve the puzzle. Another ‘however’ to throw in here, the updated Rulebook has actually removed the +3VP for solving a Puzzle Objective. No idea if this is intentional or an oversite.

Correct; there’s no action required (or even possible) and the test for solving a Puzzle takes place during the Event Phase when all Actions have already been completed anyway.

Hopefully that’s of use, even though some of the answers aren’t exactly clear.

I would play with the old rules until they updated the rest of the content, if not, this is going to mess…
If you are playing old scenarios (like Questbook, Stormcloak rebellion book…), they are not updated to represent this changes, I suppose they were created to use the old rules.
I could understand that those changes are going to affect future releases (maybe because each scenario that are going to be released indicates individually how do you get VP’s with Objective tokens)