Blood and fire scenario

In the Blood and Fire’ ritual stone special rule, it says that destroying a stone by deducting 1 health point from the character interacting with it makes you score 2 VP. But the victory conditions states that you win 1 VP for destroying each ritual stone; Do we gain 2 vp for the firts stone, and 1 vp for the 2 others ritual stones?1 or 2 vp for each stones?

There does seem to be something amiss with the VP scoring there certainly. As it currently reads you basically get 3 VPs every time you destroy one of the Ritual Stones (as well as making the Cruel Chieftain less powerful). Can’t imagine that this is intentional, especially when it makes the Bring it On! Oath a bit of an idiotic thing to attempt; get 2 VPs for not destroying any Ritual Stones or a minimum of 3 VPs for doing so (up to 9!) and making the main objective easier…

Personally I’d say that the 2VPs scored when destroying a Ritual Stone are the egregious ones and shouldn’t be there and/or the Bring it On! reward should be 3VP but I haven’t played this scenario so not sure how that would affect the scoring rate overall.


Looks like the reference to VPs in the Ritual Stone Rule is a typo. That should read 1 VP to match the Victory Conditions, as they are referring to the same instance of VPs.


So 1 vp earn for each stone destroyed? Nice, thank you ! :slight_smile: