The Rift Hold bonus

The bonus states 1 free hide action per battle. What does that mean? I assumed it was once per game but some abilities are once per round.

The Shadow Stone bonus allows you to make a special action once per game (not a free action) to Hide without the normal restrictions. Normally you can’t Hide if you’re within Clear Line of Sight and/or within 6" of an enemy model; this bonus lets you ignore those restrictions, meaning you can be right next to an enemy model and perform an action to become Hidden.

Potentially pretty useful if you’re needing to make a sneaky escape, to get round a tough opponent or to set up for an optimal chance to get a bonus to sneak attacks.

Thanks, appreciate the detailed answer. You’re right, I misspoke, it’s a Special Action, not a free one. However, it does say once per battle, not once per game so I was hoping to get clarity on that. I’m pretty sure it’s once per game but wanted to get confirmation. Would be pretty OP otherwise. :slight_smile:

No worries. I think for all intents and purposes ‘once per battle’ and ‘once per game’ will be interchangeable terms.

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Hey both,

‘Once per Battle’ and ‘Once per Game’ are interchangeable. Play the ‘Once per battle’ clause in ‘The Shadow Stone’ as once per game.


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