TSR Act 2 Battle 6: Dawn Attack! - Another Reinforcements question

Sorry to be posting so much but I just want to make sure I have this right, since it’s integral to the scenario. In my previous Reinforcements question, it was confirmed that the X in Reinforcements (X) is the number of times you can bring in 1 unit as a special action.

That’s fine but in the instructions it says the defender may use the Reinforcements (3) Special Rule. Then it goes on to explain that if the defender rings the bell, the next round they can use the Reinforcements rule and bring in the rest of their units. In my case, for a 380 pt game, where 2/3rds of the units are in reserve (as per the setup instructions), that’s 5 units.

So is the ‘3’ in the Reinforcements (3) just a typo? I’m assuming so but want to make sure I’m playing it right.

Hi dreadknot69,

So in normal circumstances (X) would denote how many times one reinforcement model would come on the board. In this scenario, the way that it’s written means that when the Special Objective Token denoting the Warning Bell is interacted with, the bracketed number of models, in this case being 3, would come on the board at the same time. The mission would then lose the Reinforcements rule.

I hope this helps,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I appreciate it. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, then that means the defenders are at a disadvantage since they can only bring it 3 models total. They start with 1/3rd on the board, rounded up (so 8 models = 3) but then that’s 5 off the board. If I can only bring in 3 then that doesn’t seem fair.

The relevant section in the TSR book says “At the beginning of the following Round, the Defending playing may deploy the rest of their Party…”.

So is it 3 or the rest?

I think in that scenario you’ve actually got 2 separate ‘Reinforcement’ type rules going on.

A) The scenario-specific special rule with the alarm bell whereby the defender can have all of their remaining (i.e. non-deployed) models come on (presumably not including those who have been killed prior to this point).


B) The ‘normal’ Reinforcements (3) rule where the Party Champion can use a special action to bring back a single deceased follower (in this scenario it’s up to 3 times over the course of the game).

They’re almost certainly intended to be separate mechanics as B can’t actually be carried out until A has already occurred as the Party Champion is needed to carry out the special action for the ‘normal’ Reinforcements rule and they’re not allowed to be on the table at the start of the game (not to mention that B can only be used specifically to bring back Followers who have already been defeated).

Interesting. Seems quite convoluted and a little too much work for my small brain. I will have to see how things go and see if we need that Champion reinforcement as well. If that is the case though, then this certainly could’ve been worded better.

@JimmyW has it totally correct and I apologise if I caused any confusion. The normal Reinforcements (X) rules are in effect during the game where you can bring back 1 model up to 3 times during the game. The “Warning Bell” is a separate rule that allows you to bring in the rest of your forces at the beginning of the next round after you have interacted with it’s marker.

So its 2 separate rules that use the same mechanic as it’s Models coming on the board. Thank you @JimmyW for being a star!

Hopefully this has settled the problem you were having.

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No worries, glad to assist on those occasions I have a clue what I’m talking about.