Battle Mode, scenario 4

Is there a typo in the image? It is a paragraph from the 4th scenario (Battle Mode), and it is supposed you don’t use any Objectice tokens there (you use them in 2 scenarios only, in the whole questbook), but it says you put the adversaries near the Objective tokens first.
Or am I playing wrong with the Objective tokens?? (the scenario should have the Objective Special Rule to use them)

Hey @DK-dark

Had an update from @Modiphius-Gavin on this one. All Scenarios (including Battle Mode Scenario 4) should be considered to contain Objectives as the Objectives should be seen as a baseline set source of VPs for models to grab.

Sorry for the confusion!

So what should be the rule to use the Objective tokens??
I read in other topic there are only 2 scenarios that use the tokens…
Should not have the Objective Special Rule in the Special Rules section? Or are the tokens used in every single scenario, regardless of the Scenario Special Rules?

Hey DK-Dark

We’re going to clarify which scenarios use Objectives in a future update. You can find the rules for placing Objectives on page 4 of the Quest Book. The number of Objectives based on the game’s Septim Limit is on the same page.

If a scenario specifies what Objectives to use - Hold the Gates or Light Up the Night, for instance, those rules override the standard selection and placement.

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