Way of the Voice "Adversaries" question/s

So, I don’t know how many others can answer these, as it’s specifically from the “Way of the Voice” Scenario in the Magazine…
So… It’s specifically in regards to “Adversaries” for the Scenario.

  1. Now, the Dragonborn is 102septims (if you use the Example Build) so that would mean… 125/126 Septims for the Adversaries…
    So, would that be 3 Bears (35s each for 105s) + 2 Wolves (10s each for 20s = 125s)
    or 2 Bears (70s) + 5 Wolves (50s = 120s)
    Or 1 Bear and 9 Wolves?
  2. Now… the next question is = I know the first 4 Adversaries are placed on the Objectives… but… It doesn’t specify where the rest of the Beasts Spawn… Do they come from High up on the Mountain (if so, where?), or are they going to be Spawning in the small deployment Zone, constantly harrying the tail of the Dragonborn?

(I’m guessing 1. Is really up to us… but I’m just curious what Goober and Co. did in their play tests.
Also, I’m planning my own Scenarios to use the 2’x2’ Board I’m building for the Scenario, so It’s not just wasted! Might build some Towers and stuff to connect multiple levels)

Image of the Board - just completed the Last Level! :smiley:

I checked with Jono and there’s no Spawn rule for this scenario. You place them on the objectives until all objectives are full, then start doubling up until each objective has two Adversaries, then three and so on until all Adversaries are placed.


If I were playing this one now, I’d be tempted to extend the adversaries beyond just Wolves and Bears anyway; I’d imagine those being the ones listed is more a convenience of having something to use just with the stats from the magazine and this came out when the game was very much in its infancy in terms of releases (I think I actually had this before my copy of the game at launch or close to it).

Hard to resist throwing the obligatory Troll in as you’re going up that hill.

Yeeeah, I think I’d have to throw in the Troll… even if it’s a few less Bears and Wolves… just feels… RIGHT… :smiley:
Thanks @Modiphius-Gavin, that certainly clears that up for me!

Cannot wait to get the board finished…
Cinderfall wants to get it on his channel asap! :smiley:

Hey all,

1 - It would be either of those combinations but as others have mentioned in the thread, feel free to change things up as you wish.

2 - Gavin has the right idea with the Adversaries. You’d place one each on the Objectives, then another until every one has two and so on.


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