Histories of the Empire Volume 1 Solo

Hi, i want to start a solo campaign, but i have one problem, that i can´t figure out.
I want to play the jagged crown. I am the stormcloak player. I selecte the imperial an draugr adversaries and placed the imperial miniatures in there starting zone. here are my questions.

  1. If an imperial miniatures dies spawn it on the adversaries board edges?
  2. Are the both adversaries faction using the same activation pool. For example 199 points imperial, 150 points draugr = 4 activations. If you are lucky only imperial activates.
  3. Do you choose an oath and quest for the adversary imperial?
  4. The goal of this mission is to open the door and defeat the overlord to get the crown. I am not sure how the A.I. manage this task?

The way I played it, I played both sides, Imperial and Stormcloak as a human would and then the Draugr as AI. So I played it as a Battle, using Battle events and Quests and it just made everything easier. Then you don’t have to worry about which Adversary spawns where, etc. You just only need to have the 1 Adversary AI for the Draugr.