Adversaries and Cards

After defeating the Draugr Overlord in the Bleak Falls Barrow campaign and fighting against the Stormcloaks in ‘Blood on the Ice’, I decided that whilst I wait for the next sets and cards to be released by Modiphius I would try using my 3D printer and graphic design skills to create some adversaries of my own.

So far, I have printed and created cards for:

  • Skeletal Dragon, Guardian of Labyrinthian
  • Sabre Cat
  • Spriggan
  • x3 Redoran guards (Crossbow, Whip and shield, spear)
  • Redoran Hero: Talya Wildfire, Redoran Fire Mage
  • Redoran Champion: Captain Khaladas, Leader of the Redoran Guard
  • Stormcloak Mage (Frost)
  • Stormcloak Elder
  • Imperial Elite

Who/what should I try printing and creating next? Have you guys used any other adversaries yet?

PS. I cannot wait for the new sets! Some of the heroes within the blog pages sound like they will really be able to change the feel of a party and the tactics you take with you into battle!


Those look amazing!

Personally I am doing up a few different types of Kobolds to make use of some minis I have lying around that I want to see on the table.image

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Also as far as we’ve seen Adversaries don’t use Stamina or Magicka, they always get to boost “once per activation”, and they use a Ranged Attack for both the Imp Mage and the Draugr Overlord to represent the Flames spell and the Shout.

So you could probably drop those symbols from your cards.

But they are awesome! You going to share the files for the rest of us to try out?

that spriggan looks awesome

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Yes I know what you’re saying about the stamina and Magicka pools. I just keep those on there so that one card is multi-use and can be used for both PvP battles as well as Solo Delves. But good point. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have the intention to share them. I’m just finishing some last ones off.