Adversary Activation Tokens

So got sick of trying to mess with the double number token system… especially since I was fielding 8 adversaries! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So got the 3D printer to work making these 25mm x 3mm discs, and then modge podging some simple text circles down on them.

Now I can simply toss them into a small dice bag for randomization, and since all my minis have a Roman Numeral painted on the front and back of their bases it’s super easy and quick to figure out what adversary will react or spawn each round.

Let alone these tokens are infinitely easier to pick up for me than the super thin stock ones! :grinning:

Now I just use two small dice bags for games, black is the spawn pool, and red are those that are on the battlefield.

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thats interesting. I have all mine in coin capsules… hmm now I’m rethinking :slight_smile:


A great idea! :bulb:

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After more than 5 games under my belt with the system in play… I absolutely LOVE it!

Makes the game go by so much quicker and seamless for me. So glad I took the time to do this.