Quantity of AI tokens

I usually need more than 7 tokens for AI (they usually need more models), there are 7 for using near the models, and the other 7 to randomize their activations. Because of that, I adjust my Septims, so the AI have 125% and they use 7 models…
Am I playing wrong? Are there more tokens to use with that? Any third party tokens with more quantity?

Almost certain I’ve read the amount of tokens was due to available space on the cards? I would highly recommend using a D6, D12 and D20 instead of tokens, as it’s so much quicker and easier. As long as you work out the order in which you are rolling for activations/spawning so you don’t favour yourself, i.e when rolling for activation always roll from the bottom most adversary, or clockwise. And, for spawning lay your cards out and start at the top or bottom. It’s mega early, so I hope that made sense?!

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Siroj55 over on the other Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms forum made a handy companion that has an adversary spawner/activation tool that, from what I remember, was pretty good.

Here’s the link to that: https://escacompanion.com/

Like AceRimmer, I use dice myself, and have seen some YouTubers use them as well, since it is faster than shuffling a bunch of tokens that like to flip over or disappear, and keeps the field a little cleaned up with less tokens lying around by adversaries.

Hope that helps!


There are 7 tokens as there was space for 7 tokens on the token sheet and we had 7 AI adversaries in the BFB box, but you can track your Adversary Activations and which Adversary is which whatever way works for you. Some people have numbered the bases, created extra adversary tokens or even separate tracking apps.

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Ok, this is a really good option! Thanks