Adversary Activiations Clarification

Just wanted to clarify the rules around adversary activiations.

The table on pg 71 has the number of adversary activations for each gold septim range. My understanding is that if this was 2, 2 adversary models would activate in a row in between each player activation and that all models on the board will eventually activate per round. is this correct?

Many deleve battle reports don’t seem to play it like this hence my question. However I have seen one that does play as above.

The wording on pg 70 is not very clear “The corresponding Adversary Models will activate in the activation phase, alternating their turns with the player Party” This almost reads that the number of activations on the pg 71 is the number of models that will activate for the adversaries in the entire round and alternate 1-1 with the player models.

Any clarification would be appreciated

It’s the total number of activations (bar any Reactions). So, if you have 2 player models and start with Advantage the sequence would go:


With any Adversary Reactions happening after a Player model ends it’s Activation. Not every Adversary in the pool will necessarily Activate every turn, but this is countered by Adversary Reactions, which more or less give the Adversary models that didn’t activate a Ready action,

I didn’t realize that, we’ve been doing it as:
Player One
Player Two
Random Adversary
Random Adversary
Deploy new random Adversaries from the pool

If you are playing a co-op Delve mode game, then there’s technically only one “Player” side - you and you co-operating player decide which mini activates in each Player turn. The Adversaries will then randomly activate alternate with the player up to their maximum number activations.

If you are playing Battle Mode, then Adversaries activate in the Event Phase after all the Player 1 and Player 2 activations.