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Errata & FAQ submission thread

This thread should be used to submit questions or suggestions that you feel the Errata or FAQs need to clarify.

How does “With Me” from the Command Action interact with Adversary Reactions - since both interrupt the usual sequence of play?

Hero A is engaged with Adversary B. Nearby there is Hero C engaged with Adversary D. Hero A goes first and performs a Command Action, nominating Hero C with the With Me command.

Q1: The Command Action of Hero A causes a Reaction with Adversary B. Who goes first, Hero C (the With Me) or Adversary B (the Reaction)?

In case Hero C goes first.
Q2: The Action by Hero C also causes a Reaction, namely with Adversary D. There are now two Reactions “in cue” to launch as soon as the Activation of Hero C ends. Who goes first? Adversary B (who reacted to Hero A) or Adversary D (who reacted to Hero C)?

Adversaries only React after the triggering models activation ends. With Me interrupts the normal sequence of play, so until the With Me activation is complete, normal play does not resume. So, what you end up with is Hero A uses With Me (and/or whatever other actions they have). Hero C will activate after Hero A completes their activation, postponing Adversary B’s Reaction, since With Me is out of sequence. However Adversary D will react to Hero C’s activation, also out of sequence as Adversary reacts immediately after Hero C. Once Hero A, Hero C, Adversary D have all finished their activations and reactions, normal play resumes and Adversary B reacts to Hero A’s now complete activation.

So, in order, with the out of sequence activities within brackets, we have:

Hero A (Hero C, Adversary D) Adversary B

That was very clear, thanks Goober!

Hi, quick query about the Dragon Priest mini as it doesnt mention it on the store, is there a card to use him in the game as cant see if listed in the card pack contents?


It’ll be in the Draugr Faction rules, currently in layout, and there will be more options in a later Chapter, when the Draugr get a full treatment.

Thanks another query, will the physical cards for the Elder Scrolls Online models be in a future pack?

We aren’t planning physical versions of these cards at this time.

cannot figure out what green dice on armor and shields do. Help?

There are certain perks and the like which require an armour test and they’ll assist with that.

With Shields in particular; to make a Block test and get the bonus Die shown on the card (and not just the standard Yellow from blocking), the green is naturally of use in passing that check.


I search Sneak Skill Test in book. But no example how to do Sneak Skill Test. Could you clarify?

How to do Sneak Skill Test?

All Skill tests work the same. You roll the white die and try to roll equal or below the value of the relevant Attribute. In the case for Sneak you try to roll equal or lower to your Agility Attribute level.

A number of the spell cards in the Chapter 2 set don’t have a modifier next to the number for casting difficulty (i.e., they just say “2”, “1” etc. rather than “-2”, “+1” and so on). Something for the FAQ/Errata on what they should be?

Affected cards are: Detect Life (2 copies of this in the pack), Flame Cloak, Turn Undead, Detect Dead, Invisibility & Incinerate.

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Also, for the draugr expansion and specifically for the draugr rules pdf, the ebony battleaxe has the wrong image. It display the nordic battleaxe instead.
Also, there are two atronach profiles, storm and frost, but it seems there’s only one spell to summon the frost atronach. So I guess the summon storm atronach spell is missing.

The Draugr expansion has the Adversary cards for Krosis and an unnamed Dragon Priest. However, currently their Melee attack is listed first, before their ranged magic attack. This means they will default to their Melee attack, as it is their Preferred Attack, in almost all cases. I am assuming this is not RAI?

The Staff of Fireballs effect of the Krosis Adversary card mentions “the first time”. Is this once per game?

The latest expansions introduced more complex Adversary activities. Examples are the Ward of Dragon Priests and the Slow to Fire keyword of Dwarven Ballistas. Because the special actions introduced by these effects are not in the Adversary Response matrix, they would technically never happen. So a Dwarven Ballista would shoot once, and afterwards never reload. How do we handle these?
EDIT: Ward by Dragon Priests is handled by an update card in the Ch2 card pack.

Melee being preferred attack does look to be the case; presumably intentional, though I get why you’d ask. The short range of their Ranged attack means they wouldn’t be using it as often as you’d probably think they should when they defer to melee.

That staff reads to me like once per game. Which is probably for the best given it’s rather bad compared to its regular ranged attack (potential burning tokens aside).

The Ballista’s Slow to Fire does need an errata as, like you say, RAW it would only ever fire once and then be a lump shuffling around the board at 4" max a round trying to get into melee. Probably needs something like “When an adversary with a Slow to Fire Token activates, they always perform a special action to remove the token as their first action before following the usual response procedure.” Or just let them do it as a free action (though that might just defeat the point of the rule).

The Ward on Dragon Priests etc. shouldn’t be a problem? It’s just a special type of Block response.

Is there an intent in an Errata for the Adversaries and Summoning actions to be tidied up so that they wouldn’t always try and summon a new model if they already had one in play? I know this was previously looked at with Arenea Ienith, just wondering if it was tested more and dropped from the Ch.2 set release.

Hey all, thanks for the submissions.

Hopefully I’ll get time to compile these and address any issues soon.

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This is currently fixed in the Errata 1.2 working document.

Adversaries & Summoning

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