Bleak Falls Barrow adventure

I began to play coop this adventure (BFB, questbook), beginning from delve scenario 4, and I would like to know:

1-How many treasures we retain when the first scenario is completed? 1 for each heroe? 1 for each player? Just 1?

2-If an enemy is engaged, and it has not been activated, and then an ally moves near the engaged model and ends its activation within 6", does the enemy activate? Does react to my ally and Withdraws, getting a free hit and trying to attack my ally if the enemy can attack him? Does it attack to the engaged model?

3-If my model dies (or he is incapacitated), do you play the same quantity of points in the next one, playing the same model again? Do you lose those cost points but the enemy retain their points? Do you lose those points and the enemies adapt to those points? It is supposed you cannot change anything

  1. Q40 states each Player my choose one treasure and assign it to one of their Heroes.
  2. Engaged Enemy Models that React are automatically given the A Response, so will attack their engaged target, even though triggered by a different model ending their Activation within 6". Be careful where you move or you can get your friends in trouble!
  3. Rules as written you restore one Reserve point between encounters, so actually your defeated Hero would return for the next mission on one health, bleeding and limping into battle after being revived by their surviving party members. However, you could also drop your Septim total down by the defeated Heroes value if you prefer a tougher fight.