TSR ACT 2, Delve 1 question - Closing In

There appears to be no Spawn rules for this scenario so once killed, they’re out for good. I can see that making sense, based on sheer numbers on the board and all the reactions that are fired off in a 15X15 board that the scenario calls for.

However, the specified event cards used in the scenario includes “What Was That?” which specifies a adversary spawn point.

So do they spawn or was this card included in error?

The special adversary rule overrides the normal rules for spawning adversaries.
If there is not adversary special rule, they should appear in any border no closer than 6" of a player model when they spawn with the events, and the half of them would begin on the table, and the other half in the reserve

Yeah, I figured that was the case, that there was no spawning rule in place on this one. However, my question still stands then…why did they specifically include this Event card? I suspect it’s just an oversight.

Hey both,

I don’t believe that the card was included in error. The Adversary rules are at the very top of the scenario’s Special Rules.

Whilst they do not have a table edge to Spawn from in this instance, they would be deployed via the instructions given on the card as opposed to the instructions given at the top of the scenario.

Effectively, you are substituting the ‘table edge’ clause of ‘What Was That’? with how they’re deployed the start of the mission.

I guess that makes sense. I ended up just drawing another even card since there were no other spawns than what was there in the beginning.