Are Objectives part of the standard setup for every scenario?

In particular for Delve scenarios. According to what I see in the Errata, Quest book, etc, only one Delve actually specifies the use of Objectives. I’ve been setting them up for every Delve that I play.

Are they actually to be used as a part of setup or only if it specifically says Objectives?

Hey @dreadknot69

Everything you need to know about the placement of Objectives is on page four of the Quest Book.

The first paragraph on that page tells you to check the Scenario Special Rules (be it Delve or Battle Mode) for each scenario to see if Objectives are included in the scenario. This means you would use them in some scenarios, but not others.

Using the Scenarios in the Quest Book as an example, you’d use Objectives in Battle Mode Scenario 1: Ancient Ruins and Delve Mode Scenario 4: Realm of the Dead.


Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.