Community Scenario Creation

If, say, someone wanted to set up a Community Scenario game that’s more ESO themed, what would be the process for doing so - if it’s still possible at all?

I’m talking about the .pdfs on the Website; of course I can design any old scenario and throw it up here.

Just an inquiry :smiley:

For what it’s worth, I wrote a scenario based on attempting to close a Dark Anchor a while back. Completely untested so the pacing of Adversary spawns and Objectives, round limit etc. could be a long way out but hopefully it captures the feel of the scramble to get to all the Pinions and then face the boss.

Unofficial Delve Mode Scenario - Anchors Away v1.1.pdf (924.2 KB)

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Is there a template for the community scenarios? So if I start writing one in Word or whatever, it can be reformatted?

Thanks for the glance at this. The published one with the fire pit felt a bit like an anchor one, so I will take a gander at this one!

Not to my knowledge; there have been templates for unit cards etc. done by someone in the Facebook group but haven’t seen anything for scenarios.

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That would be cool, there’s always a need of a lot more scenarios which are not tied to any campaigns :smiley: I wrote a lot too but not in the ESO setting. I’m not enough knowledgeable to write scenarios though (or i’m just going to adapt some quests from the game)

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