Clarification for setup of TSR Act 2 Battle 1: Assault the Fort

Sorry if this is not the right forum for this but I could use some help figuring out how to layout TSR Act 2: Battle 1 - Assault the Fort. I don’t quite get how it works from the description in the book. There’s puzzle objectives on the 4 corners but the walls along the edge, but stopping 3 inches from the objectives? Are the walls exactly on the edges of the deployment zone or are they 3 inches outside, which makes more sense to me? Why would you keep your battleplans (the objectives) on the 4 corners of your walls?

The picture in the book, while beautiful, depicts some ruins, which doesn’t really help since this fort is supposed to be intact and operational.

If you think about the forts in Skyrim, many of them are ruined and have incomplete walls. In playtesting we found that placing the battleplans inside the Fort made it very hard for the attackers to get to them, whereas placing them on the corners made for a more even fight. You will end up with a structure with gaps at the corners. You can consider this where towers have collapsed.

Alternatively, if you consider many of the makeshift camps that the legion and Stormcloaks set up, they are often just simple barriers of logs and cheval de frise (the spiky hedgehog things)

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Hey @dreadknot69

So @Modiphius-Gavin has it correct. The fort is collapsed, giving you four walls with a few gaps. The scenario instructs you to leave a few small gaps in between the walls to place some markers down.