Nuka Cola machines with windows

With the scenic sets I ordered, I’m going to have a total of a dozen Nuka Cola machines. In all honesty, I don’t picture myself making use of more than 3-4 of them. I gave away a couple, and when the rest of my scenic sets arrive I’ll be giving out a couple more. Even so, I’m going to have 8 of them left over.

This got me to thinking about different ways I can present them.

One of the only complaints I have with that particular model is the lack of any form of window looking in at the contents. I felt that leaving the middle empty was preferable to how they handled it in this case.

So what I did was I took a knife and decided to cut the “window” out just to see how it would look (Figured if I ruined one or two it wasn’t a big deal).

I ended up breaking the side of the window frame because I wasn’t being real careful but even so it didn’t look too bad. I actually took the plastic from one of the blister packs to create the window.

First image has the “Window” I made, the windowless door, and the chunk I cut from the middle.

Second image has the window in place and the door in place (Sitting in there loose. I’ll remove the window for painting, then put it back when it’s done.)

This was a little five minute project and I didn’t even pretend to be careful with it. I figured this was kind of a proof of concept. I’ll be planning to do 3-4 of them up this way, and I’ll be a bit more careful with the rest of them. Really happy with how it turned out.

Hope someone finds this useful.


Very useful. Before I dare do this myself, how thick is the window-y bit? Is it a craft knife or dremel job?

The model plastic isn’t very thick and I just cut it out with an exacto knife. The mistake I made was I started at the edge and if you look I broke the side furthest from the handle because of it (Which doesn’t look bad considering it’s supposed to be an old beat up Nuka Cola machine anyway). Start by cutting a little bit out of the middle, then trim toward the sides rather than trying to cleave the whole bit out like I did. The plastic is thin enough that it takes very little effort to cut.

As for the clear plastic, it’s really thin too. I just used the blister package from one of my other models from the game. But any piece of thin clear plastic should work. As I mentioned before, this was kind of a proof of concept to see how hard it was going to be to set up, so I just used the first thing I saw. That said, the plastic thickness from the blister packs was perfect for this.

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I think any damage just adds authenticity given the setting.

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