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I popped my Nuka Cola Cherry

I just painted my first Nuka Cola Machine. What I thought was going to be really simple, turned out to be a nightmare. Firstly, I decided to do gatekeepers window mod, which worked out OK, except after I removed the mask over the window, paint had been drawn onto the inside through a pinhole where I’d missed with the glue. I had no choice but to go with the ‘broken’ window and carve out the bit of painted window. Then I couldn’t settle on a colour scheme …it’s red right? How hard can it be? But there are quite a few variants, especially if you include the mod variants. First it was tgoo crimson, then too pink, then my white was too yellow. I repainted it about 4 times. Then I applied too much rust and weathering and had to paint over some, then it looked too fresh. It was just an endless string of headaches. Just one of those days I guess, when something simple just turned out not to be. Anyway, it’s OK I suppose, a bit scruffy and overpainted, but the next one will be better …I hope.

Anyone else had a model like that? Where it just refused to play?


About colour schemes? I’d love to see your Nuka Machines and see how you’ve painted them???


I think it looks great. Artist are always hardest on their own work.

I’ve had a few with other games give me fits, but nothing too bad. It’d happen more if I did highlighting, but it’s fear of that that keeps me from doing it. Lol

I’m really going to have to work on weathering, at the very least tho.


Whatever the headaches during the painting, I think it’s worked out great! :+1:

And, yeah, quite a few models have done that to me. Including my attempt at a glowing deathclaw. That went so badly I abandoned it halfway and it’s waiting to be stripped :confused:

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You’re too kind guys. It doesnt look too bad from a foot away and I am quite happy with bits of it. I like how some of the flaking and blistering paint came out and the rusting on the top looks pretty good. But the door is a complete mess where I’ve carved the window out and then tried to cover it by putting on far too much rust. But I’ve learned my lesson. That window needs to be sealed because thin paints will wick into the tiniest of pin holes.

I’m quite happy with the colour scheme though, which is from a mod I think. I’ll probably stick with it unless someone posts something I like better. :slight_smile:


I love it, even the broken window approach looks fantastic!


I think it looks awesome!

You might just have helped me overcome my fear of committing to paint my precious rare/expensive Nuka Cola machines(!)

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Breaking the ‘glass’ just makes it seem even more post-apocalyptic, it looks good!

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Well that is what I love with post apocalyptic stuff. There is no such thing as badly painted, it’s just been ravaged by circumstances. :smiley: