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NPC's and GM resources

Making fillable PDF’s for GM’s to keep track of homebrew NPC’s, any comments on errors or anything you feel is missing is welcome.

Mu first try for Nemesis NPC’sNemesis.pdf (588.3 KB)


I just ordered this. The little fluff I’ve been able to find seems pretty cool. I’ve been looking for a new rpg after extended stints in DnD 5e, Iron Kingdoms RPG, and Star Wars d20. The description as “diesel-punk” intrigued me and I have been searching for a dystopian future to hang out in.

Folks who’ve played it, what do you like about it and why?


It’s a bit of Cinema Noir, with Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror. 20’s and 30’s car designs, with space ships, BIG guns and HUGE armors. Gothic churches and Art déco architecture. Feudalism and capitalism at it’s worst.

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It’s easily comparable to our normal living, not as far fetched as Star Wars for example, or even Warhammer. While still sporting some most cool aspects, like shoulder pads, chain weapons and Chaos. Humanity is mostly like it is now, working for a big faceless Corporation, trying not to get squashed in the big competition, showing the best and the worst mankind has to offer.
It was created with 80’s and 90’s action/horror Movies in mind, this still works very well. You can play almost all of those plots, with every TV trope turned up to eleven.