New to the game, maximum confusion - Goal Koop and Solo collection

Hi all,

just preordered the Faction Starter Box.
Also have like 5 Big Terrain Models to be printed.
I also preordered the base game but I am confused what to get as it seems only the digital cards are up to date (or the app which I will not use, want to play a tabletop game not a videogame…). It seems all cards are in a PDF but not the AI Cards (and only wave 1-3 available to buy for AI).

What is the best next things to get if we want play coop / solo or 2 player + AI. Best case as part of a campaign.

Also will the Core boxes be released as part of factions again (as plastic)?

The Starter Set comes with the original versions of its Unit cards, AI cards, Item cards, Narrative cards. The Wave 1 Essentials Deck comes with updated versions of some of the Starter Set cards. The Narrative cards (Boosts, Danger, Stranger, Creature, Events) were re-released in various Wave Decks and Campaign expansions. There’s a file on the downloads page that lists all the cards and the expansions they were released in. (FWW Wave 9 Full Card List.pdf)

The Co-Op rules are a free download on the Fallout downloads page
(Fallout Downloads)
Every scenario and campaign has recommendations on expansions for foes, random creatures, or terrain, but you can pick from your favorites.

So far they’ve announced plastic Core expansions for Raiders and Super Mutants, but they plan on releasing all the Wasteland Warfare core expansions in plastic kits.

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Thanks a lot - so bascially if I want all the events, and cards I have to buy all the packs / books for 9 waves? Only big changes is the armor in wave 10 for humanoids isn’t it?
I already looked in the full card list, but I really would hope they release a package which just contains anything you need. It is a mess currently, as not everything is available digitally.
T… This game is really hard work :slight_smile:

With the core expansions, this is a good news so I can play factions and slowly build something for warfare in parallel. cool

Will start with factions + base game warfare and some critters

is this basically all there is to get all rules + cards?:
fundamental card pack (best start?)
raider card pack
wasteland weapon upgrade pack - for what is this for?
institute card pack
automatron card pack → more options for robots?
enclave card pack
denizens of wasteland card pack → are this most of the monsters?
new vegas expansion
commonwealth exapansion
astondingly awesome tales
forged in fire

|PDF only?||
into the vault → dungeon crawl - is the vaul map pack a good addition?
into the wasteland → sandbox mode for kind of campaign?
Homestead |does this replace settlement?