After the starter what’s most important

I picked up the starter set and diving into the rules with painting next step but if you could only get 2-3 of the expansions ( not counting terrain) what are the ones that add the most to the gameplay

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It all depends on what you want to play. Which factions interest you the most. The “Core” boxes probably add the most bang for your buck.

It also depends on if you’re playing mostly single player, or if you’ve got someone else to game with. If you know someone else who’s going to be collecting minis as well, then it makes sense to pick your favourite faction and get the core set plus either the ‘troops’ or ‘character’ set for that faction (ie, BOS core set plus either knights or Paladin Danse). If you’re mostly playing single player, then I’d suggest trying to get a wide range of different factions (ie, two different core sets) :slight_smile:

The bundles always save you quite a bit and if you look at the ones like institute and raiders they will also include the promo figure for that wave for free (although you will need the automatron pack as well for the mechanist)

Probably mostly single player but hoping for 2 player and I’ll be the only 1 (which other sets are considered starters? And how about The interesting scenarios that require additional sets)

For example the sentry bot? Are there scenarios involving this for ai play