I'm a bit lost when it comes to content

I’ve been collecting and playing a few solo AI games for the past few months but find that every time I delve a little deeper into newer content from wave 2 onwards the rules and game developments get more layered and confusing. I’ve just read about regional tables and that somethings else again.

I feel like a comprehensive up to date document or run down with an explanation of what is current would be really appreciated as there seems to be quite a few older bits and bobs flying about that were ultimately incorporated or no longer needed for future waves e.g. event deck curation replaced with regional tables etc etc.

However, I could be missing the point in that the expansions add these new features in when ready.

What I currently own:
Starter Set
Fundamentals Card Pack (Wave 1)
BoS Core Set
Raiders Card Pack (Wave 2)
Raiders Core Set

Ultimately i’m aiming to play around with the Capital expansion (eventually) and theme so working towards buying the Enclave Core Set but cant figure out if I need the Wave 4 card pack as well as the Capital Expansion, High commands sets for both BoS and Enclave etc etc. Do all the regional table cards required come with the Capital expansion?

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The regional tables list the effects of what you’ve rolled for the curated event (or stranger deck, creature deck, wasteland deck). It’s a very limited curating based on the dice numbers. I LIKE the idea of a quick generate/curated event/etc deck state like these tables help create, but with all the very cool cards in the different sets I also feel like they limit things quite a bit. One thing that’s very cool about them is the short special rules for each chart’s themed territory. Gives each territory more flavor than just the curated roll charts.

But also to confirm: no, the cards on the charts are not in the capital book or nuka book. They’re printed on the charts as text per entry. If you want the card they reference you’ll also want to chase down those card sets/packs. You can always use the download master list of products to compare a chart rolled card name to what wave set it appeared in and where.

In the infamous words of Chris Birch, “It’s your game, you can do what you want.”
That rule doesn’t necessary play well with others. :slight_smile:
I don’t have the Capital Wasteland book yet, but it’s similar to the previous setting books. They started simple with New Vegas and then they added more and more charts to try to simplify the game to move away from cards with the Nuka World book including sample loadouts for the various units.
The free official app (with the $3 monthly subscription to all the cards) might help a lot. Jamie and his wife are both working diligently to add as many useful features to it as they can. With a lot of new stuff coming out, he had to “clean house” and make changes to the app. Eventually it will have curated decks based on the scenarios, but you can curate random decks as a feature on it, I think. All the cards are in the app’s library, so you don’t need them physically.
Jon Webb had plans to revise the Rules of Play with a 2.0, but I don’t think that went anywhere, a lot of the beta testers didn’t care for the new rules that were mentioned. It’s been nearly two years since they’ve talked about it and Jon’s passed the reigns on to Ben. Who knows what they’ll add or revise for the Fallout 76 setting?