On pg 74 of Conan the Pirate the Quality Immense states that
For every point of this Quality, the being:
■ May absorb five additional Wounds before dying.
For example, with Immense 2, a Minion can suffer 10 Wounds in additional to the normal before it is slain, a Toughened being can suffer 11 Wounds, and a Nemesis can suffer 15 Wounds

The minions math makes sense for Immense 2 with 10 extra wounds but after that I just don’t see where they are getting the numbers of 11 and 15 extra wounds for the Toughened and Nemesis.

And also it says that For every point of this Quality, the being: Has 1 additional point of Armor protection but The Kraken on pg 80 of the same book has Immense 3 and only 2 pts of Armor. Should I add 3 pts for a total of 5 or was it supposed to be 3 instead of the 2 printed in the book?

Could someone please tell me what I’m missing. Thanks

I don’t think you are missing anything. Based on the rules for Immense The Kraken should have an armor 3 and since an toughened can suffer 2 wounds to start it should probably be able to suffer 12 wounds not 11.

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This is how I Think of immense and for how much they can withstand:
Minion can suffer 1 wound normaly before they die, with immense 1 = 6 wounds and with immense 2 = 11 wounds

Toughened can suffer 2 Wounds wound normaly before they die , with immense 1 = 7 wound and with immense 2 = 12 wounds

Nemisis can suffer 5 wounds wound normaly before they die , with immense 1 = 10 wound and with immense 2 = 15 wounds

II would add +3 to the armor (armour 5) on the Kraken :slight_smile:

last time my we played conan, my players was hunted by dinosaur birds with immense 1 and they felt like little chickens :smile: ha ha :blush: was so fun

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I applied immense 2 to a character I built when my players decided to fight in an arena. Afterwards they took the time to get to know the character and now he’s something of an ally (no someone they can call on all the time but in times of great need he’s bribable lol). I’m a fan of the immense quality too. That being said I also agree completely with your take on what it is supposed to do.