Immense creature quality

Horrors of Hyboria has the “Immense” quality attached to several creatures but I can’t find the description. Any help? Thanks

I know they had that quality in Conan the pirate.
I also thought they had included that in Horrors…

It wasn’t described in the Horrors book.

From the Pirate’s handbook:

A step above the Monstrous Creature Quality (CONAN
corebook, page 310), this indicates that the creature
is vast in size, to a degree that normal combat with it
becomes impractical, and generally requires either a
group of characters or an incredible effort by a single
individual. A creature with this Quality cannot move
within spaces made for humans.
For every point of this Quality, the being:
■■ May absorb five additional Wounds before dying.
For example, with Immense 2, a Minion can suffer 10
Wounds in additional to the normal before it is slain, a
Toughened being can suffer 11 Wounds, and a Nemesis
can suffer 15 Wounds.
■■ Ignores one step of Difficulty from Harms it
has suffered.
■■ Has 1 additional point of Armor protection.
■■ Increases the Difficulty of any attempts at
moving it by two steps, such as with the
Knockdown Quality or some other attack type.
If the Difficulty increases above Epic (D5), the
creature cannot be moved against its will.
■■ Additionally, the creature can inflict additional
structural damage against a structure or vessel
at the rate of 1 per Effect rolled.
This is an extraordinarily potent Quality and should
be applied only to huge beings, such as whales, dinosaurs,
or titanic horrors of a scale beyond human understanding.

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Ah okay thanks I have Pirate as well, just forgot. I have a giant golem and I think he needs Immense 2 :slight_smile:

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Your players will tremble in fear.

That is terrifying and should be interesting

Well it’s going to be a 3 storey high golem made of wicker, animated by sorcery and filled with imprisoned townspeople :smile:

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