High Fantasy Creatures

Hello, has anyone stated up some High Fantasy creatures. I am looking (early days), to run Kingmaker for d20 with 2d20 and the new Exiles book. It’s for my son, so I need to up the fantasy a bit.

I’m curious about what you have in mind. Even while running Conan, I tend to make NPCs on the fly, remembering a typical range of 7-12 for Attributes, 1-3 Foci in relevant things, and the other goodies like Inhuman Attributes, Fear Effects, etc. Damage dealt is usually 2-5#.

Thanks, that is true.
I suppose I was thinking more along the lines of special talents that would be specific to a race. I have not played any form of D&D system for many years, and they are Pathfinder modules I was looking to convert. I will definitely be playing down some of the totally weird or over the top high fantasy stuff. Not even sure it will last long enough to be a problem.

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When adapting other things for REH games like this one, I typically focus on ideas, concepts or characters I am interesting in, rather than monsters, magic or other specifics.

In Kingmaker for example, it rarely matters what race a character is. Gnome, elf, dwarf etc. So adapting those elements is simple. They are just human now. The conflict between the kobolds and mites can easily be reskinned to be about Picts, though I wouldn’t expect them to be living under a giant tree.

Location wise, this is a natural for the Pictish wilderness. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of elements that flat out do not work. You can’t substitute trolls with Nordheimer berserkers, the whole plot line with the evil dryad also just doesn’t work. One character being a traitor fallen angel doesn’t work.

Really, to make it Howardian it would be a story about a failed attempt to bring civilization to the savage Pictish wilderness.

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