Pre-Human Races

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do you know any canon pre-human civilizations in Conan like the Serpent Men? Especially who lived in today´s Turan?

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Recently read The Devil in Iron

The Yuetshi tribe caused the fall of the city or house of Dagon (I think) on the island of Xapur. They rose from slavery and killed the people on Xapur and their shaman placed Khosatral Khel in a torpor or state of suspended animation.

Not prehistoric but primitive though they could forge weapons like the saw edged yuetshi knife.

Thanks, I read The Devil in Iron as well and liked it very much. What I am searching for my new adventure are non-human races however, like the serpent people.

I settled yesterday for big centipedes that build a civilization and enslaved prehistoric humans. I think that will be fun.

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Aren’t most of the ape races left over from pre-human times? Also the Dwellers of the Deep? And the Yith, or the Great Race, of course. Detailed in Horrors, along with Elder Ones. But these are all pretty powerful Cthulu Mythos things. Oh and the winged apes, in the Core book.

There are degenerates which fit the bill pretty well and could be in some isolated place. Howard thought of people devolving after a great cataclysm and then evolving eventually gaining back civilization by going through.

Sort of odd but it is fantasy.:slight_smile:

Thank you both. But hey, I think I just screw canon, I´ve fallen way to much in love with my centipedes. It will give the ruins my players will encounter some odd environments where they see that the buildings were made for life forms that can crawl on the walls.

Thanks a lot for your help.


It sounds super cool. If I ever manage to adapt Lovecraft’s and Zealia Bishop’s “The Mound” to REH’s Adventures, I expect it will have a similarly weird, lost-ages feel.

I love giant centipedes! I use them in my sci-fi campaign for the exact same thing. So creepy-yet-cool-yet-actually-venemous!

hm love the idea of lovecraft material influencing the conan p&p.
specialy the darker aspects of degenerated people/ creatures.
isnt there even a rule-expantion- book about horrors, that are influenced by lovecraft?

Horrors of the Hyborian Age is the book you are looking for…

do you own it?
can you tell, if it is any close to the lovecraft stuff or if it just uses the names of the creatures?

There are stats for Formless Spawn, Dimensional Shambler, Great Race, Hound of Tindalos, Hunting Horror, Mi-Go, Nightgaunt, Elder Thing, Flying Polyp, Shoggoth and Tcho-Tcho people and they are all very Lovecraftian.


The second chapter, titled Loathsome Things, has some monsters from Lovecraft’s stories. And even the quotes in this chapter are mainly from Lovecraft’s stories (The Dunwich Horror, The Festival, The Shadow Out of Time and The Whisperer in Darkness). But all the most powerfull true horrors like the Great Old Ones are missing. This chapter includes:

  • Byakhee
  • Charnel-eater
  • Child of N’kai
  • Demon Blooded
  • Dimensional Shambler
  • The Great Race of Yith
  • Hound of Tindalos
  • Hunting Horror
  • Living Circle
  • Master of Y’ha-nthlei
  • Mi-go
  • Night-gaunt
  • Old one
  • Polyp of Yuggoth
  • Shoggoth
  • Siren
  • Slithering Thing
  • Soul Devourer
  • Tcho-tcho
  • Yaggite

well that sounds awesome, thank you for sharing that information

ups, didnt see your message before, so thank you as well.
i just ordered conan the bararian and now that you both said, that it has that many lovecraft monsters inside and you told me, that they are very lovecraftian (amazing word by the way) i think ill get that book next.
can you tell me, if there also are pre prepared storys inside?

I own those books, too and no, they don’t include any stories/adventures. The only adventure supp is Jewelled Thrones of the Earth. It’s mixed - some good stuff, some terrible editing/choices. But it does include, I think, seven adventures.
Have you used the free one, Pit Of Kutalu? That’s good.

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