Are there any published scenarios focused on Lizard Men or Serpent Folk

As asked in the subject. I’d really like to run some sessions focused on lizard men. I don’t have time to write up my own and wondered if there is a published scenario.

On that note, is there a scenario index anywhere? I’ve seen loads of useful fan-created indexes and sheets. I was wondering if there is anything out there with brief descriptions of scenarios and where to find them.

Thanks for any help!

While I am not aware of published scenario with lizard men or serpent folk, the “Pit of Kutallu” + "Devils Under Green Stars" from Jeweled Thrones of Earth adventure book and replace the dwellers from the deep and one or more human tribes with lizards and voila! :slight_smile:

The former is free quick-start and the latter is whole book.

There is a long campaign called:

“The shadow of the sorcerer” - Book Two: Chapter 5 - Crimson jewels in the dusk

Its not focussed or mainly about lizard folk or snake people but they play their role in it too and maybe you can have ideas for spin-offs from there (as I had for my group :wink: )

Thanks for the suggestions!