1st scenario of canpaign

I’m starting a campaign for some new young gamers in a fortnight. I’ve played lots of games and run lots of games. But not conan or any 2d20. Most of them are complete newbies.

I am wondering which scenario to run first. The pict one or the ship wreck one. The ship wreck to me seems like it could easily flow into new adventure exploring strange islands and coastal bits.
Any ideas?

I’m also going to introduce the rules piecemeal. I think i will leave guard for a few sessions. Anything else i could ignore to make it easier?


I started my campaign with Pits of Kutallu and then continued with the Devils Under Green Stars (with hooks that will lead to other of the published adventures)

The challenge with my choice of adventures was to take the characters off the island in a way that does not look like deus ex machina. I decided to make the island where Kutallu is part of a chain of islands, each bigger and meaner with the central one accommodating Zukundu. As it was a remnant of lost civilization, there was a secret docks inside the mountain, where I placed the ruins. Instead of giant crocodiles, the way to the city-palace was protected by perilous bridges and flying predators.

For the rules - the biggest challenge is to change the pace and mindset to use the momentum spends.

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