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Chimerae: Griffin

Is anyone aware of a griffin creature listing in any of the Conan releases?

I realize griffins aren’t exactly swords & sorcery (swords & sandals?) but just wondering. I could probably craft something using other entries (giant eagle + lion).

Know if there are generic creature creation rules? I have all the pdfs from the Kickstarter but just haven’t gone through them all.

I’m going to answer my own question here (in case anyone is ever looking for griffin stats).

In Horrors of the Hyborian Age, mountain lion and great eagle are side-by-side entries. I used mountain lion for stress and soak and great eagle for attacks (using ML Coordination for parries and GE Agility for attacks).

Made for a somewhat tougher opponent but was acceptable to me since the point is to combine the best parts of both into a single animal.