Hyena Stats Anybody?

Im introducing some scavengers into a scene in a game and was going to draw up some stats for Hyenas but I thought Id check her first. Seems a common animal to run into across Shem, Stygia, Koth and beyond. Has anyone seen any stats for them? I was thinking using the Coyote from HofHA and making a few tweaks for size and viciousness. Anybody?

Other ideas - Piercing bite (they have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom), Area Yelping Mental attack (Unsettling giggling they do when excited).



Did you take look at the Vultures of Shem adventure? Are there stats for them critters there?

I like your ideas, @rgrove0172 . You might also make the hyena a bit tougher overall than the coyote (look at the wolf, Core p 333). Note that Hyenas are as much feline as canine; they are nocturnal (give them night vision).

For a Toughened version of the Hyena, consider giving it “bonecrushing” special ability, like this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachycrocuta

Please share your creation!

Giant Hyenas are in Conan the Pirate page 79, if they may be helpful as a generic reference to create basic hyenas.


Im playing that adventure solo to learn the system and nope, no stats there.

Yep I found those but they are obviously supernatural with some fear effects and such. Not mundane enough to provide a template.