Size of Target/Creature

Hi, does the system take into consideration the size of the opponent?

There is not really a size or scale system such as in D&D or Savage Worlds. Some monsters have special abilities that relate to their massive size. But usually, characters don’t have anything that relates to their size, apart of course from the attributes.

I guess you could say a character with high Brawn is more muscular and larger. And high Brawn affects certain skills, Vigor (= Hitpoints) and melee weapon damage.

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There are a couple of monster special abilities in the game which relate to size, but generally no.

It was something we covered in more detail in the forthcoming Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20, though, as the game required more attention for big military vehicles and horrific large monsters alike. If you’re interested in houseruling it into your Conan games, it works basically like this: creatures (and vehicles) have a Scale rating (starting at 0 for humans, +1 per each approximate doubling of mass, -1 for each approximate halving of mass), where the amount of damage needed to inflict a Wound on the target is equal to 5+Scale (so a small animal of Scale -1 takes a Wound after 4+ damage, while a giant of Scale 2 needs 7+ damage to suffer a Wound), in addition to serving as a threshold for whether they can move into/around particular types of terrain (a cave mouth might only allow creatures of Scale 0 or less to enter, for example).


This is actually really helpful… also… when is Achtung! Cthulu 2d20 slated to be released? I can’t wait!