MOB damage and armor ratings

I have always ruled that when damage is done to a mob and after armor is subtracted. Remaining damage is applied to the group. But I am wondering, should armor for each individual minion be applied when damage reaches it? I am starting to think yes it should be.

I run it the way you do. Mobs are to die, IMHO, not to provide a huge level of challenge to the players.

Just as they only roll damage once, so does their armor only apply once.


I run the mobs the same way - one damage roll and armor is subtracted once. I hope this is the right take on the rules… :slight_smile:

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What ogedei said is true. A mob is treated as one creature and for that reason their armor is only applied once.

Well. It’s not exactly one creature. If I strike it and score a wound with an intense weapon it doesn’t kill two of the mob. There is a melee talent that allows this though.

I was generalizing. In combat a mob is treated as basically one creature. It gets one attack roll etc. The only real exception is the way that wounds/creature death are treated.