Basick questionne about Mobs

Hello fellow conerds!

A noobie question, --a confirmation really–.

Do Mobs’ Damage dice get totalled? For instance, a 5 Minion Mob, armed with daggers, rolls

a) 3 Damage Dice
b) 15 Damage Dice?

Thanks, by Crom!

My reading of the rules is option a). Groups have increased attack pool with higher than 5 limit of dice, which makes them dangerous - the momentum generated from groups can easily cause wound to unlucky character.


This is the correct answer. As @Valyar points out, a large mob will be rolling a lot of dice anyway, so they’ve got a decent chance of scoring a fair amount of Momentum to boost their damage… and if you roll poorly, maybe only one of the mob actually got to make a decent attack.