Group Morale Mechanics

Im familiar with the use of Displays and Mental Damage but Im wondering if a similar mechanic is or can be used for a group’s Morale in a fight? If Im missing a clearly stated rule somewhere I apologize but I dont recall anything in the Group rules. Does anyone use something like this in their games?

ie. perhaps an increasing mental attack on each member of a group or a mob/squad as a whole when taking casualties with the first Trauma causing an NPC to flee or something like that?


Did you take a look at the Talents section? Maybe you can find some answers there.

When a Mob takes enough mental damage, they are not necessarily killed. They are removed from the scene. This could of course mean that they are dead, but in case of mental damage it is more likely that they give up or run away. Whatever is narratively appropriate.

Minions can only take one Trauma/Wound any way, so if they are threatened by a player character, the GM could say that they flee after taking a Trauma.

I don’t think there should be Mental damage if a member of a Mob dies, that seems too much micro management to me. But Mobs or Squads are not necessarily stupid, so after loosing several members, they could just narratively give up or flee. It takes a special kind of people to fight to the last man.

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