Screaming Picts

It had been hours since the small recon group returned from its scouting mission to find their base of operations completely overrun by berserk picts. After pushing hard to stay ahead of the massive surge of enemies and saving a family of settlers a scream of a young lady was heard off the trail. A certain barbarian hailing from Cimmeria ventured off the track to investigate the disturbance. Along with succeeding on his stealth check, he suffered a complication misjudging the distance to the group and stumbling into their midst right as the young lady’s bodice was about to be torn open.

The biggest of the three was grasping at her tattered clothing, the other two released a savage war cry unwilling to share their spoils with even one other.

My question is regarding mental damage. Do PC’s get to roll a discipline check whenever they are the target of a Threaten(ing) Action or must they rely solely upon their Courage and Morale?

Thank you so much for taking the time for any responses.

If you’re the target of a threatening attack, you may choose to react to it (the attack becomes a Struggle, their test opposed by your Discipline test), just as you can choose to dodge or parry a physical attack. If you don’t choose to make that reaction, you don’t get a test to resist - the damage is applied immediately, reduced by Courage and Morale as normal.

Some sources of mental damage may allow an automatic Discipline test, like responding to a Fear-causing monster when it enters a scene. This is similar to avoiding a trap or other environmental hazard that would cause physical damage.

Of course it is a struggle! How could i have missed this (and all the doom that went along with it! ) Thank you so much for your reply.