Killing Strike & Mobs/Squad Wounds

I think there is a contradiction between Killing Strike & wounding squads/mobs.

Killing Strike states that “Against a mob or squad of enemies, this additional wound may be applied to another member of that mob or squad”

In the Encounters chapter, it states that harms inflicted on one creature do not carry over to the next, only damage (vigour loss).

Is this a explanation error? am i missing something? These rules! jesus, they needed some serious editing / checking before printing!

I read that to mean that if you’ve got the Killing Strike talent there is a scenario in which you can overrule the later wording about Wounds not blowing through to secondary targets within the mob/squad–it’s one of the perks associated with taking that talent.

I understand that in case of this Talent, there is an exception to the rule that Wounds are not applied to secondary targets.
If this were not the case, the rather expensive Killing Strike Talent would be totally useless versus mobs or squads. You need to cause a Wound in the first place, then you need to spend 2 Momentum to cause the additional wound. This is quite a restriction, so it is a justified exception for propagating wounds to mobs and squads, I think.

That makes sense but i wish the writers had been explicit in their rules. I ask because an upcoming game is featuring squads for the first time. Am expecting KS to be used to chop through the minions.

Generally speaking the specific overrules the general. In this case the specific is the Talent and the general is that harms don’t carry over.