Narada Mining Vessel & Time Travel

Does anyone know, roughly, what scale the Narada would have been for Star Trek Adventures?

I have it at 11250m vs The Kelvin-Prise @1200 m and the Jellyfish @ 65m.

If the Narada went back 154 years (2387 to 2233) in time and the Jellyfish emerged 129 year earlier then doing some rudimentary math (albeit with assumptions) say 65m is 0 displacement. 11250m is 25 years displacement. 11250-65 = 11185 displacement/length/mass difference (assuming some relationship between length and mass). 11185/25/11185 = 0.002 years per m (or mass equivilent).

So under similar temporal conditions a 526m long Ambassador class Starship could be transported 1.052 years (384 Days) into the past.

If a Ambassador class is Scale 5, what scale would the Narada be?

Does that sound plausible?

The Delta Quadrant book has a Borg Tactical Cube at 3km each side and Scale 13, whilst a Queens Borg Diamond is 10km along its largest axis and that makes it a Scale 14. So I think its safe to say that the Narada was effectively Scale 14+

@Sutehp did some work on this a while back. That’s probably your best reference for this kind of thing.

Personally, I don’t think scale is a hard and fast reference for size: it can reflect a lot more than volume or mass, including relative combat strength, crew size, engine power and so on. YMMV!

According to the Eaglemoss Federation ship measurements, the Kelvin-prise is only 725 meters long, not 1200 meters. It’s actually the USS Vengeance (seen in the 2nd Kelvinverse movie Into Darkness) that’s closer to 1200 meters at 1459 meters long. I made the Kelvin-prise Scale 6 and the Vengeance at Scale 8.

As for the Narada, there aren’t any official stats for its length, but if we assume a length of roughly 11,000 meters, then it’s almost exactly the same length as a Voth City Ship seen in the VOY episode “Distant Origin” and the Delta Q book says that the Voth City Ship is Scale 15. (Yes, these are official stats for the City Ship, yay!)

So to answer your question, Jase, the Narada is Scale 15.

Feel free to peruse my Scale documents at your leisure. :sunglasses: Keep in mind that I have to make some adjustments for the margins of some Scales (especially the difference between Scale 2 and Scale 3 among a couple others), so be aware that I’m going to adjust and update my documents soon (hopefully in a few weeks). I have some alpha editing to do for Nightfall Games’ Terminator Campaign Book before the end of tomorrow. (Ugh, deadlines… :grimacing:)