Malon Export Vessel

Any thoughts on stats?

I’m just spitballing here, but the Malon Export Vessel is 515 meters long, so by size it would start out at Scale 5. On the other hand, it’s also likely a Malon equivalent of a lightly-crewed freighter (because who would want to serve on these deathtraps if they didn’t absolutely have to?) as well as lightly armed because it’s not made for combat (and who’d want to raid a ship full of nothing but toxic waste anyway?), so those factors bring down its Scale. I’d say it’s too big in size and crew to be a runabout (and certainly not a shuttle), so it’s going to be above Scale 2. Scale 4 seems (IMHO) too excessive for a civilian ship, even one that is 515 meters long, so I’m gonna rate the Malon Export Vessel as Scale 3.

Choosing Scale by the UP book, however, starts with its crew complement. Judging from the VOY Season 5 Episode “Juggernaut,” most of the Malon crew abandoned ship before Voyager arrived. But Memory Alpha says the Malon Export vessel has a crew of approximately 100, so by the UP rules, we also get to Scale 3.

As for “Year Launched” and the fact that we’re dealing with a Delta Quadrant polity, the year the Export Vessel was launched is anybody’s guess but is obviously before 2375 (the in-universe date of “Juggernaut”. Given the rundown external and internal appearance of the vessel, it’s at least several years, if not decades, old. Maybe the Export Vessel’s Launch date is around 2320 or thereabouts?

That’s all I got for now. I’ll try to extrapolate the rest later.

EDIT: Ok, let’s see. Assuming a Launch Date of 2320 and using the normal Federation polity rules, 2350-2200 is 120 years, which gives us 12 system points. Since the ship is Scale 3, we subtract 1 point to get us to 11 System points. We add 11 to the regular 40 points to get 51 system points. We’ll want to have high Structure and low Weapons as the Export vessel is a lightly armed cargo ship. Evening out the other systems with a slight emphasis on Engines, I came up with this distribution of 51 System points: Comms 9, Computers 8, Engines 10, Sensors 9, Structure 11, Weapons 4.

Now for Departments: None of the other departments except for Engineering and Medicine seem to have relevance to me for the Export Vessel as it’s essentially a big cargo vessel. It’s not a command vessel (no Command), it’s not going to be making any fanciful maneuvers (no Conn), it’s not a science vessel (no Science), and it’s not a combat vessel (no Security). I figure we need Engineering because the Export Vessel needs to be able to repair itself in the event of a breakdown and Medicine to deal with the crew being constantly exposed to the hazardous environment within the ship. I went with +2 Engineering and +1 Medicine.

Talents: There’s not much to choose from here since this is essentially a civilian vessel. Off the top of my head, I figure the Export Vessel should at least have Rugged Design and maybe Redundant Systems (Structure) for easy repairs and extra containment of the toxic waste, respectively.

Weapons: Civilian vessel, remember? It will have a Strength 2 (Scale 3-1) Tractor Beam and maybe some light phasers (or the Malon equivalent) for tool use.

Traits: Malon Starship, Containment Vessel

Mission Profile: Civilian Merchant Marine

Resistance 3, Power 10, Crew Support 3, Shields 11

How’s this for a Malon Export Vesel? :grin:

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@Sutehp always delivers!

Malon export vessels are notoriously well armed! Granted, they may not come this way out of the factory, but most captains seem to upgrade their ship appropriately. And it should be at least Scale 4.