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Creating the Arie class / SS Raven type scout/survey ship

I’m considering creating an Arie class small starship for an early TNG era crew, and am wondered if anyone else had already done so.

It isn’t perfect, but the Sydney class could act as a stand-in for the stats.

No a bad thought for the base number crunch, although I think the Arie class / Raven is a much smaller space frame (a large scale 2 or a small scale 3?) than the Sydney (scale 4). I might start there. I also considered the Nova class (also larger than the Arie class). Using various online sources (most of which don’t agree completely) I’ve been trying to come up with something that gives the right feel in comparison to other STA stats. I was hoping someone might already have tackled it.

You might look at the Archer class for inspiration. It is a earlier scout/patrol ship.

I did a quick check on the Archer. Thanks. Nice! The Arie / Raven would definitely be scale 2. that seems like a closer start point with some adjustments for being a century newer tech.

You might also want to take a look at the Danube class Runabouts. They would be smaller than the Aerie, though.