Sutherland Class

One of my players is a huge STO fan and he noticed the Sutherland class ship in the second season of Picard. He has convinced the rest of the group this is the direction they should go once they get their own command. I believe that it was the USS Sutherland, a science vessel. I am letting this group pick a ship to their liking. I believe this ship is from the 24th century, this is what my Google fu tells me at least. Perhaps we will play in the Picard era. I guess my question is, is this ship or class of ships stated out anywhere?

Might be worth taking a look at Continuing Missions - one of the contributors did a bunch of STO vessels.

There’s definitely nothing official!

I’m not that familiar with STO, but it seems the Sutherland class belongs to the same family as the Nebula class. My take on it would be a modernized version (or possibly a large refit) of the Nebula class. So I would just use the Nebula class spaceframe (from the Command Division source book) and continue from there.

That is what Continuing missions basically said.

“The Sutherland -class variant has the markings seen on a lot of the 25th century spaceframes so it’s really just the Nebula -class spaceframe with some refits. Advance the Entered Service date to 2401 which gives four refits. Increase Comms, Sensors, Engines, and Weapons by +1 with those refits, and change phaser arrays to the stronger phaser banks to reflect the increased tensions of the 25th century.”

I just saw Episode 1 of Season 2 of PIC and I have to applaud Paramount for their Shout-outs to STO in that episode.

(Not to mention going the extra step and making that Starfleet armada more than just a bunch of cut-and-paste Inquiry-class ships like last time.) :grin: